Pilot Action Cidis Onlus

Cidis is implementing two training courses, one in Perugia and one in Terni, organised in weekly meetings/get together, opportunities to learn more about voluntary work done at a local level. The meetings are open to spontaneus participation both to italians and migrants and are involving each time two or more association presenting their voluntary activities and how to better contibute to their mission: medical & social issues, evironment & animal protection, promoting of local community life.

Even if group attendings are flexible, we are working so to make sure Trainees, supported by the tutor, produce a personal/collective voluntary project. The projects will either contribute to the voluntary work done by organisations called in for the training or to new spontaneous voluntary activities to be carried by the end of October.

So far we’ve had 3 meetings in perugia, reached out 25 persons, and one in terni, reached out 20persons… more to come in the following two weeks.

End of October we are planning the One day event for INCLUSIVE local ngos. We will promote a training session on intercultural communication, presenting project deliverables and discussion intercultural approach in todays’volunteering world.