Initiative Minderheiten Tirol

Find out more about Initiative Minderheiten Tirol and its contribution to the projects proceeding. Listen to the statement of Michael Haupt and Alena Klinger or read what they say about the organization, its role in the project and their expectations.

“We hope that VAI project can provide means for people to get in touch and to overcome stereotypes and prejudices in these encounters.”

Michael Haupt, Alena Klinger, Initiative Minderheiten Tirol

Klinger | 04/07/18 | english version | 02:48min

Klinger | 04/07/18 | german version | 02:48min

Written Version

Initiative Minderheiten Tirol

Initiative Minderheiten Tirol is a non profit and non-governmental organization in Austria with offices in Vienna and Innsbruck. We develop and realize mainly socio-political and cultural projects to make visible the contribution of minorities to our everydays life and to encourage the cultural transfer and dialogue between different social groups. We think that the special position and the experiences of minorities of every kind need to be expressed and reflected and that this expression may be a way to sensitize the public and raise awareness for forms of social exclusion and injustices that exist within our society. Thereby our notion of minority is a wider one that is defined not by numbers but by forms of exclusion from social participation. So for us, minorities are not only small groups, but for example migrants, refugees, homeless people, women* or people of differing sexual orientations.

Our Role in the project

Our function in this phase of the project is to ensure together with FREIRAD the dissemination of the projects existence and its main messages and contents. Feel free to visit our homepage and follow us on facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we’ll keep you updated on the latest activities!

Furthermore, we are already working on ideas for the third part of the project, where we contribute to the ten pilot actions that should be conducted by the partner organisations as an inspiration for other volunteering organizations. I guess I can say this much: It has something to do with a film project…

Our Expectations

We hope that VAI project can provide means for people who migrated and people of the host community to get in touch with each other and to overcome stereotypes and prejudices in these encounters. We want to show how people arriving in European countries can enrich society and encourage them in their role as active people contributing to their communities.

Also we think that the establishement of a strong, european network constituted of different volunteering associations and social and cultural organizations is a crucial step to finding better, international solutions across borders for the challenges, that go hand in hand with flight and migration.

Contact Details

Initiative Minderheiten Tirol
Zollerstraße 7
6020 Innsbruck

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