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About 40 representatives and members of the civil society in Thessaloniki participated in the networking workshop «Refugees, Migrants and Volunteering: on the road to inclusion», which took place on Wednesday 10 July at LAB29A of SolidarityNow, in the context of the AMIF project Volunteering Among Immigrants – VAI coordinated by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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Meet Hameed in our Guide for Migrant Volunteers

“I received help from people in the Centre after I arrived in Athens”, Hameed is saying. “right now, they are helping me to sort out my asylum papers. So, I would also like to help other people. Because I am a refugee myself, I understand how difficult it can be, for an elderly person especially, to find their way around Athens or take the bus to a place they have never been before."

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Piraeus goes Κανάλι Ένα 90,4 FM!

The Δήμος Πειραιά - Municipality of Piraeus was invited to talk about the VAI-Project at the local radio station Κανάλι Ένα 90,4 FM. Our collegue Spiros Kasidiaris had the chance to talk about the project in general, underline the need for T.C.N's integration in Piraeus, analyze our Action Plan and talk about future projects such as a film festival in Piraeus and an international Congress.
Thank you for the invite Κανάλι Ένα 90,4 FM!

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Katerina Kostakou about Four Elements

“Hopefully, the VAI project will foster social inclusion of people who migrated by developing volunteering frameworks and opportunities, removing potential obstacles, and strengthening relevant networks and experience sharing.”

Find out more about Four Elements and its contribution to the projects proceeding. Listen to the statement of Katerina Kostakou or read what she says about the organization, its role in the project and her expectations.